All components in our jewellery designs are made from sterling silver, 14k gold filled, or gold vermeil metals. Please see product descriptions for information on individual pieces. We are often asked about the differences between these metals, so here is a brief description of the metals we use.


Sterling Silver is made from fine silver, which contains 99.9% pure silver, and is generally too soft and easily damaged to use in jewellery making. As with other precious metals including gold, silver is alloyed with other metals to give it strength, while preserving the appearance of fine silver. Sterling silver is an alloy containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. It is the preferred material for use in silver jewellery, being durable, and suitable for all skin types, with a gorgeous quality finish.


14k Gold Filled jewellery, also known as rolled gold, is made of a base metal (usually jewellers brass, copper, or sterling silver) covered by a thick layer of gold, which is bonded to the base metal using heat and pressure. Gold filled jewellery contains at least 5% gold by weight. This is 100+ times more gold than gold plated jewellery. With normal wear and tear, and given the same care as any precious metal, these items will not flake or chip, and are designed to last. Our gold chains and earring hooks used in our pieces are all 14k gold filled, and suitable for wearing by those with sensitive skin or allergies. The thick coating of gold means that these pieces of jewellery have the same beautiful finish and appearance as solid 14k gold jewellery, at a more affordable price.


Gold Vermeil jewellery is sterling silver that has been gold plated with a thick coating of gold, often more than 50 times thicker than a traditional gold-plated piece, to increase durability and quality. This is a good option for those with sensitivities to regular gold plated metals, who want a beautiful and more affordable alternative to solid gold. Vermeil plating may wear off over time with significant wear and tear, therefore our jewellery care instructions should be followed to keep these pieces at their shiny best. Because there is a precious base metal, gold vermeil items are designed to be safe for wearing by those with sensitive skin or allergies.


To keep your gold or silver pieces at their lasting shiny best, jewellery should be the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off.  This is to ensure minimal contact between your jewellery items and any perfumes or creams that may dull their vibrant sparkliness over time.

When jewellery is not in use, it should be stored in the box or bag it came in to avoid scuffs or scratches.

Removing any jewellery before you take a shower or swim in a swimming pool or the sea is essential to keep it in good condition.

As with any precious metal, only polishing cloths designed for use on gold or silver should be used to clean your jewellery.