Our most frequently asked questions right now.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my order?

As indicated on the website banner, back-ordered items are currently taking up to six/eight weeks to dispatch.

Almost the entire contents of the website sold out in the space of a few days – as most of our pieces are hand made to order, there are unforeseen delays in processing all orders made through the website as a result. If you have a particular date that you require an item you have ordered by, then please do get in touch via email to hello@allthefallingstars.com  and we will do everything we can to accommodate the arrival of your jewellery in time. Full refunds are also available in the case that your piece is taking too long to make and dispatch, and we do apologise sincerely if delays have caused inconvenience for anyone recently – we typically have a 100% speedy dispatch policy, however nothing could ever prepare a small business for the impact of such global and ongoing media exposure in a short space of time. We are recruiting as much help as possible to get through the backlog of orders, and we massively appreciate how patient and understanding customers have been.

Why is it taking so long to get a response to my message?

Sincere apologies that we are unable to respond to all individual queries arriving to our inbox and social media accounts right now, particularly about variations of items available on the website, or potential custom orders. Since the Duchess of Cambridge appeared wearing All The Falling Stars jewellery in September, we have been inundated with requests, messages and inquiries from all over the world – more than we could possibly get through and respond to individually if we didn’t eat or sleep between now and Christmas!! Our new FAQ page here will hopefully answer some of your queries. If you do need to get in touch, please know we are doing our best to prioritise responses to those who have placed orders with us already and need to amend these, although there may be delays in responding, we will get to each one of these messages in order.

Can I pre order (backorder/order in advance) the jewellery worn by the Duchess of Cambridge?

We have had to close backorders for these items temporarily, due to the overwhelming number of orders that were placed all at once following this jewellery appearing in the media. We cannot give a specific ‘back in stock’ date at this time, as we are relying on our suppliers to dispatch metal as soon as they can, before we are in a position to take further orders. If you have already placed an order, this is in the process of being made and readied for dispatch, as we have only taken pre-orders for jewellery pieces that we have the supplies in stock to make.

I forgot to enter my coupon code, what can I do?

Please bear with us as we will be refunding the difference if you have forgotten to enter your coupon code, and have contacted us at the time of sale about this – it may just take some time to process  this for all those who have contacted about it.

I forgot to enter the initials I want on my necklace, can I email them to you?

Yes!  Absolutely, if you have sent an email containing the initials you require for your personalised necklace, the email will be matched to your order, and your necklace will arrive with your requested initials/symbols stamped on it.

Can you make a version of this necklace to accommodate two/four/five initials?

There will be limited stocks of a five disc version of the necklace made available as soon as we have additional supplies in stock. The necklace needs to be symmetrical with a central disc to hang properly on the chain. Heart, star and ‘&’ symbols will be available for the fifth disc in the case of four initials. The same applies for having two children’s initials on the three disc necklace – you may wish to have a heart or ‘&’ symbol on the central disc, with the two initials on either side. Alternatively, two initials may be added to the single Personalised Layered Disc Necklace which is in the same style as the necklace worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.

We will not be able to send customers an individual text/email/social media response when these are in stock, as has been requested by many, but you are welcome to use the in stock email notification button on the listing for the three disc version of the necklace for now, and when these are back in stock, a limited number of five disc necklaces will be added to the website too.

When purchasing personalised jewellery, please remember to use the notes section on the checkout page to say what initials you would like!

Can you make a silver version of jewellery worn by the Duchess of Cambridge?

We are currently working on developing the silver version of this jewellery. There is no guarantee that a sliver version will be available in time for Christmas, however we are doing our best to source supplies in this regard.