Our most frequently asked questions right now


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it taking a while to get a response to my message?

Sincere apologies that we are slower than usual responding to individual queries arriving to our inbox and social media accounts right now, particularly about variations of items available on the website, or potential custom orders. Since the Duchess of Cambridge appeared wearing All The Falling Stars jewellery recently, we have been receiving lots of requests, messages and inquiries from all over the world. Our new FAQ page here will hopefully answer some of your queries. If you do need to get in touch, please know we are doing our best to prioritise responses to those who have placed existing orders with us and need to amend these. Although there may be some delays in responding, we will get to each one of your messages in order.

I signed up to be notified when something was back in stock - it is back in stock now, so why I didn’t get an email?

Our back in stock notification system will let the first people who signed up to be informed know when an item is back, depending on how many items are available. When we have many people waiting to hear about a single item, it doesn’t make sense to send a thousand emails saying it is back in stock when there are maybe fifty available, and then have most of those people disappointed, as our pieces are made in small batches. In the spirit of fairness, the first to sign up are the first to be notified, and so on, as the next batches of pieces are released. If you have happened upon your item back in stock, and manage to get one earlier, then yay! We are simply trying to be fair to everyone by notifying the people next in line, as each item comes back into stock following our sell out.

I got an email to say that an item is back in stock, but on the website it says it is out of stock - is this a mistake?

We currently do not have the capacity to meet the increased demand for all of our pieces of jewellery – we are working on this, but it takes time, and our workshop is affected by COVID19 Level 5 lockdown restrictions in Ireland at the moment. In the meantime, you may receive a notification that an item has returned for sale, however due to the number of people waiting for items right now, it may have sold out again by the time you come to purchase it. We are sorry about this. There is a limited capacity to release items in small batches, so inevitably some people will be disappointed and unable to purchase the piece they are waiting for right away. We hope to become bigger and better able to accommodate the very new and unexpected demand we are currently experiencing, but current restrictions are limiting this effort, unfortunately.

Will I be able to buy the jewellery worn by the Duchess of Cambridge soon?

If you have already placed an order for this jewellery, your pieces are in the process of being made and readied for dispatch. We are only taking orders for as many jewellery pieces as we have the supplies in stock to make.

Even though we may be able to re-stock these pieces in the coming weeks, there are many more people waiting to buy the pieces than there is capacity to produce them at this time. The necklace and earrings will be released in small batches as they are made, and our in stock notification system will inform those earliest to sign up, once the pieces become available for order. We hope to be able to increase our capacity to produce this jewellery and to expand the options to include silver versions, however Level 5 lockdown restrictions in place in Ireland are currently limiting this effort.

We are not going anywhere though, and will be making these particular pieces for a long time to come, so for those of you who are happy to wait, there will hopefully be plenty of these necklaces and earrings available in the future!

I forgot to enter the initials I want on my necklace, can I email them to you?

Yes!Absolutely, if you have sent an email containing the initials you require for your personalised necklace, the email will be matched to your order, and your necklace will arrive with your requested initials/symbols stamped on it.

Can you make a version of the three disc necklace to accommodate two/four/five initials?

Our disc necklaces need to be symmetrical, with a central disc, to hang properly on the chain, so will only be available with one, three or five discs. There will be limited stocks of a five disc version of the necklace made available as soon as we have additional supplies to make these. Heart, star and ‘&’ symbols will be available for the fifth disc in the case of four initials. The same applies for having two children’s initials on the three disc necklace – you may wish to have a heart or ‘&’ symbol on the central disc, with the two initials on either side. Alternatively, two initials may be added to the single Personalised Layered Disc Necklace which is in the same style as the necklace worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.

We will not be able to send customers an individual text/email/social media response when these are in stock, as has been requested by many, but you are welcome to use the in stock email notification button on the listing for the three disc version of the necklace for now, and when these are back in stock, a limited number of five disc necklaces will be added to the website too.

When purchasing personalised jewellery, please remember to use the notes section on the checkout page to say what initials you would like!

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes, you can buy our E-Gift Card HERE. They can be emailed directly to your recipient(s). Send on the same day or schedule it to arrive on a special date of your choosing.

How can I check the balance of my E-Gift Card?

You can check the balance of your E-Gift Card HERE