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Jewellery Designs That Captured Kate Middleton’s Style

Jewellery designer Aisling O Brien first launched her All The Falling Stars website in 2020, while working full time as a Speech & Language Therapist in Galway, Ireland. Later that year, following a series of serendipitous events, Aisling was stunned to see Kate Middleton appear in front of the world’s media at events, wearing the Gold Three Layered Disc Necklace and Gold Disc Circle Earrings that she had designed especially for the Princess. .


Designing Personalized Jewellery for the Princess

Aisling created a necklace based on the understanding that despite being a famous royal who was constantly in the public eye, ultimately the person she was making jewellery for was just a woman like all of us, wanting to look her best, and who was first and foremost a Mum. With this in mind, she chose to create an understated, personalised piece, incorporating the initials of Kate’s three children, George, Charlotte & Louis. She then made a matching pair of earrings to complement the three disc necklace, which would hold their own as a beautiful piece of jewellery whether worn separately, or together with the necklace.

The Royal Gift Giving

How Aisling O’Brien’s Disc Necklace Became Kate Middleton’s Treasured Piece

The jewellery was gifted to Kate Middleton when she and William made their official visit to Galway in March 2020. Royal fan and Physiotherapist Therese Tully wanted to leave a welcoming gift in her physiotherapy room where Kate Middleton was due to change clothes before her public engagement at a Galway sports club. She asked Aisling to come up with a design that would be perfect for Kate. The then Duchess later wrote to Therese thanking her, and expressing her love for such a thoughtful gift. It was still an amazing surprise for both Therese and Aisling, when Kate began to appear at various public events wearing her All The Falling Stars jewellery.

A career change to full-time jewellery making quickly ensued, in order to meet the overwhelming demand for her pieces that flooded in following the wave of worldwide publicity.

Launch of Personalized Jewellery Studio & Shop

Where Handcrafted Jewellery with a Personal Touch is Available Alongside a Range of Other Local Crafts

Aisling now employs a small team of craftspeople at her Galway studio and shop to make and personalise jewellery to order, and the style of necklace and earrings worn by the Princess of Wales remains her bestselling collection. People around the world continue to be inspired by the simple, down to earth style and elegance that made our discs and circles collection a perfect fit for this much loved style icon.

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